Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pulsestep?

PulseStep is a comprehensive lifestyle modification program designed to help you lose weight, improve your health, physical condition and quality of life and reduce your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Our program is individualized and interactive, monitors your progress and allows you access to other members and lifestyle coaches who will provide you with additional support.

*Our recommendations are based on the latest scientific guidelines and are regularly updated.*

Who can benefit?

Whether you have a health problem, want to prevent a health problem or simply want to do and feel better in your day to day activities, you need to lose weight. You can benefit if you:

  • Have diabetes

  • Have high blood pressure

  • Have high cholesterol

  • Have heart disease

  • Want to prevent problems associated with overweight

  • Want to improve your quality of life

  • Want to be healthier

  • Want to look better

Does it have different types of membership?

Yes, the program has 2 membership levels:

  • Standard member

  • Premium member

Are there costs associated to the different types of membership?

  • Access as a standard member is completely free.

  • There is a cost associated with access as a premium member: $60.00 dollars for 3 months or $180.00 dollars for a full year.

What are the benefits of becoming a Premium member?

  • Access to a Food Journal with fast and friendly calorie counting and display of macronutrients for most common foods.

  • Weekly nutritional, physical activity and behavioral strategies supported by videos and quizzes.

  • Continuous monitoring of weight, physical activity and logins with a periodic report of your physical activity and weight loss progress.

  • A forum for educational exchange that will provide you additional guidance in your weight loss journey.

  • Consultations with a lifestyle coach (first consultation is free).

As a PulseStep standard member you will be able to:

  • Calculate your body mass index and understand how serious your weight problem is

  • Set your physical activity and weight loss goals

  • Track your weight and physical activity

  • Consult our health coach

Can I lose weight using this program?

Yes. This can be achieved by getting into negative energy balance by reducing the calories you consume in your diet and by burning more calories through an increase in physical activity. Our behavioral strategies will help you achieve your goals.

Can I increase my physical activity and see my progress using this program?

Yes. The program will give you tips and support to increase your activities of daily living and the frequency and duration of intentional aerobic exercise activities like walking, cycling or swimming. The program records all your activities and displays them in a tabular format so you can follow your progress over time.

Does the program offer some orientation so I can reduce the calories in my diet?

Yes. Weekly nutritional, physical activity and behavioral strategies supported by videos and quizzes, consultations with our lifestyle coaches and access to the forum will help you learn how to reduce your caloric intake and adopt a balanced healthy diet.

I have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and/or had a heart attack. Can this program help me?

Yes. Our lifestyle program can help you adopt a healthier diet, increase your physical activity and lose weight. Weight loss can help prevent the complications of being overweight and better manage conditions like diabetes high blood pressure and high cholesterol reducing your risk of developing heart disease.

Does the program offer any support to manage my questions about how to progress in with my efforts to lose weight?

Yes. If you feel lonely in your weight loss journey, if you are unable to resist temptations or even if you feel you want to give up you should consult our lifestyle coach. Our coach will help you with your behavioral changes by offering you guidance and support whenever you need it.

Is my consultation with the lifestyle coach a medical consultation?

No. Our coaches are trained to only provide lifestyle advice so you can increase your physical activity level and reduce the calories in your diet. In no way our services are intended as a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. You need to consult your physician for any medical problems.

Can I consult the lifestyle coach as many times I want?

Yes but there may be costs involved.

  • Premium members are entitled to one initial free consultation

  • Standard and Premium members can purchase consultations at a cost of 40.00 dollars.

Does the program have a forum for educational exchange where I can receive information or have access to other members?

Yes, through the forum you will have access to educational communications to help you increase your physical activity and adopt a healthier diet with lower caloric content. You will also have access to other people who may have similar problems. You may benefit by learning how other people overcome certain barriers or you may help others by sharing some of your personal experiences.